The Gallery Wall exists to create art that means something. You won’t find unique designs like this anywhere else. Our mission is to turn every bland wall into an expression of your individuality. 

Our Story

The journey of The Gallery Wall began with a teenage version of myself (Tom Gordon, Creative Director). I was in awe of album artwork, hoping to one day be able to create something as memorable.

Fast-forward a little over a decade and I’ve done exactly that, working as a freelance designer for some of the biggest names in the music industry. I’ve loved what I do, and seeing my designs sell in their thousands worldwide has been special, but something was missing… 

I found myself yearning for the freedom of creating my own art; art without restrictions. 

Why The Gallery Wall?

When trying to decorate the walls of our new home, myself and my partner, Monika, realised that there was no artwork that suited our tastes. We were searching for high-quality art with meaning, something that only seemed possible with a complicated and expensive search for independent artists. Finding that perfect piece wasn’t easy for people like us, who want their artwork to be as unique and expressive as their own personality. 

And so, The Gallery Wall was born.

The Gallery Wall is the high-quality, accessible art that we wished we’d be able to find back then. This is art for the passionate, for the individual; a person who would rather do nothing than do something without integrity. This is interior design for the people who ‘get it’.

We never have to see a bland wall again, and neither should you.

Who are we?

Tom Gordon

For over a decade, Tom has been a freelance designer for A-list musicians and globally adored franchises with his work being sold in stores like Urban Outfitters and ASOS. He’s loved the work, and it allowed him to hone his craft, but he was wishing for more creative freedom. In The Gallery Wall, he found it.

Monika Charchula

Monika has an eye for style, crafting bespoke interior items and building a following in her own right before joining creative forces as a team at The Gallery Wall.

One eye on the future...

This is my passion and I want to turn it into a community; a community where like-minded people can just be themselves.

If I can give others the same freedom to be creative and learn from each other, like The Gallery Wall has done for me, then I’m doing something right. I want to grow to the size that I can give a platform to talented artists, making sure their voices and designs are lifted above the noise and clutter of mediocre art. 

In the end, I want The Gallery Wall to go beyond my input and become a collective that outlives me and outgrows me, sharing unique, unrestricted creativity with the world.